Betsy Needs A Home

Age:3 years
Breed:Golden Doodle
Intake date:9/23/2020
Post date:9/23/2020
NEW TO GRRAND! Betsy is going to need some time… She is in an ADOPTION PENDING home…
    Betsy is brand new to GRRAND so we are still learning about her, and she is NOT ready for adoption at this time… She is extremely frightened of this new world she is living in so she will need a good evaluation of where she is and what type of a home will be best for her.
    Betsy is only 3 years old and in her short life, it appears she has been very neglected and not taken care of, and we are going to change that for her!
    Betsy was turned into a rural shelter by her ‘owners’ for chasing the chickens on the farm to which she lived on. She was carried into the shelter as she had never been on a leash, she is extremely matted and scared and from initial meetings, has not had a lot of or any socialization. Betsy (from initial meets) has no issues with people or dogs and has shown no aggression so far. One of her transport volunteers says she has ‘those gorgeous light brown eyes and is super sweet’!!
    Everything is new to her and she is going to need a safe home with a family who has the time, patience and a dedication to work with her. She will possibly be a flight risk as she is now in a scary place and knows no real boundaries. She rode in the vehicles just fine, but was all over and barked at the cows!! All of her transporters said she was super sweet but obviously neglected.
    We are needing to evaluate Betsy and we will take our time trying to find the right home for her.
    Please check back for AFTER pictures (as these pictures are of her in the kennel before she came to GRRAND) and updates on what we learn about her.