Beauregard (BEAU) Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge

Beau with best friend, Bufford

It was a sunny fall day in 2009 and we were both very busy getting our business ready for the Christmas rush that was approaching fast, but we would soon find out that we could handle a little more busy (and fun) in our lives. It was an interesting phone call from our friends at GRRAND that brought more fun, excitement and love into our lives than we really deserved .

A breeder in Louisville Kentucky had called the office of the Golden Retriever Rescue and Adoption of Needy Dogs organization to say that he had sold off all of his latest litter except for 2 pups. His offer to GRRAND  was “ if you want them, come and get them by this afternoon or I will put them down.” We had owned several Goldens in our life and had approached GRRAND about the availability of a puppy and had been waiting for the response to come.  So when we were asked if we could come to Louisville from Cincinnati that afternoon we said sure and the fun began!

Beauregard (BEAU) was the normal fat ball of fur like most all goldens with as much energy as all of the ones we had previously. Beau seemed to like us as much as we liked him from the very beginning. As he grew out of his mischievous puppy years he began to show how smart he was also. Having gone through three sets of training classes and failing two of them, his trainers all commented that he knew exactly what to do but he just chose times when he decided not to do it. Over the years we marveled at the things he knew like what day was garbage day so he could help us take out the trash, which was the biggest paper to bring into the house every day and of course he knew that when suitcases came out it meant that we were going on a trip.  We were also sure that he knew a lot more of the English language than he let on. Beau was a great listener that you could tell all of your troubles to and he would sit and listen intently and never inject a word of criticism and always left you feeling better for having talked it out. We miss our walks together, our playtimes and the sharing of treats that were not always good for either of us.  We will certainly continue to miss him but never forget him.

Terry and Nancy Metzler