Bear-and-BJ Needs A Home

Age:8 years
Intake date:9/25/2019
Post date:2/28/2020
BJ and Bear are doing GREAT in their foster home and really need a FOREVER FAMILY!!!
    BJ and Bear are a beautiful pair of AKC registered goldens who are in search of a new home together. They are a very bonded pair who have been together Bear’s entire life (8 years). This pair belonged to a family who was moving and took them to a local, rural animal shelter, but the shelter refused them because they were full. They are in a new foster home and here is a wonderful update from their foster daddy…
    BJ is a 13 yr old female and Bear is an 8 yr old male.

    BJ and Bear are doing very well and seem to be settling in. They aren’t eating much, but BJ did eat the kibble this morning. Bear is easily distracted and doesn’t seem to pay attention to food for long. Weird, because he’s so overweight. They are learning to go on walks, but clearly have not been on leashed walks much, if at all. They go in all directions, tangle each other and me, but are showing improvement in such a short time. I did take Bear on a walk by himself last evening and that was much more successful. They both showed extreme fear/anxiety when the garbage truck went by the house. I had them on leashes in the front yard and could hardily keep control of them. They both have been happily in the backyard with me on Monday and Tuesday. They love to be brushed and compete for the pleasure. They both sleep through the night and seem very happy here in a safe and cozy environment.

    Here’s a few words about each:
    BEAR: A sweet, and STRONG dog! He likes to be in your face when he sees you, but then quickly returns to BJ’s side. He likes to push BJ aside for your attention, but there is absolutely no aggression of any kind… just solid sweetness! He is not quite housetrained yet and we are working hard on this. I did keep them in the kitchen on Monday while I was gone. He seems to be responding well to the anxiety medication and each day gets better with Bear. He just needs patience, time and lots of love.

    BJ: Super relaxed, stays put, doesn’t like to move around the house at all. She’s found her spot on the living room rug and she is happy there. In fact, I have been bringing the food and water to her. She is having trouble on my wood floors, which may account for her desire to stay on carpet. When Bear knocks her over, which is usually what happens to her on the wood floors, it is a struggle to get up. She can do it, but it takes a bit. She has been on walks each day, but she REALLY resists once on the leash so we are working on that too and she is surprisingly STRONG. BJ doesn’t like any stairs, so I’ve been walking her out the front door and around the side gate into the backyard and once there, she has a blast with her brother.
    They are a great pair that need work, but in my short time with them I’m seeing a lot of progress! They just need a family willing to work with them and be committed to them, and they will be just fine!