Annabelle- Adopted!


Age:3 years
Breed:Great Pyr
Intake date:1/15/2021
Post date:1/31/2021
    This Big Fluffy Dog is Annabelle and she just had some puppies that will be needing a home very soon, and soon as they are weaned Annabelle will be looking for her forever home too!!
    We are told she is a very good momma to her puppies and is a typical Great Pyr with that laid back and chill personality.
    Annabelle is thriving in her foster home and was at 86lbs when she came to GRRAND and is now at just about 97lbs, and as you can see from her pics, her coat is turning into a soft fluffy white beautiful one! She loves to be petted and brushed, and if you stop, she’ll put her big paw (otherwise known as ‘The Pyr Paw’) on you to remind you! Annabelle is a delightful car rider and she is a perfect walker on her leash… she is really just a very good and super sweet girl.
    She is true to her Great Pyr heritage and is laid back, friendly, and gentle; she is a good alert barker, but stops when told to. She doesn’t jump on people, and is great in the car. The vet said she was wonderful at her checkup. Annabelle is very sensitive to voice tone, so it takes very little to correct her, on the rare occasion she needs it. She has been very good on a leash, and is housebroken and probably would not need a crate. She will make an amazing family pet! Annabelle is looking for a forever family that is home most of the time where she have a warm and loving home with lots of attention and another dog to keep her company as she is not a big fan of being alone by herself.

    GRRAND has been taking Great Pyrenees into the program because they have proven to have many of the wonderful sweet characteristics of Goldens, but are a bit different from the Goldens in other ways. For more information on the Great Pyrenees, applicants are encouraged to search the breed characteristics prior to considering the adoption of one of these wonderful dogs.