Adoption FAQ’s


Do you accept applications from any geographic location?
GRRAND policies require an in-home visit by a trained GRRAND volunteer prior to adoption and follow-up after placement. We can only serve areas where our volunteers live and are able to provide this type of pre and post-adoption support. While the specific cities that we serve is dependent on our volunteer base, we are currently accepting applications from:

  • Greater Louisville, KY (including adjacent southern Indiana)
  • Greater Lexington, KY
  • Ohio Counties:  Hamilton, Butler, Warren, some areas within Clermont county, Montgomery and Green
  • Northern KY Counties:  Boone, Kenton and Campbell


I’m not in your adoption territory, will you make an exception?
Unfortunately, we are limited to the locations of our volunteers to support our activities.  GRRAND’s adoption process includes a home and follow-up visit, and we must remain in the area in which our home visit volunteers are willing to travel. For a Golden rescue in your area, please visit GRCA Rescue by State.  We are unable to make any exceptions.


What are GRRAND’s adoption fees?

Age of Dog Single Dog Pairs Pure Bred Goldens and Golden Doodles
3 and under $375 $500 $700
4-6 $325 $400 $325
7-9 $250 $300 $250
10 and over $100 Free $100


What is GRRAND’s fencing policy?
GRRAND’s fence policy was implemented after several incidents that put the safety of our dogs at risk.  Some dogs come to us as strays or frightened and can be a flight risk.  Without exception, families with children under 16 years of age must have either a secure above ground fence, attached to the house, allowing access directly from the house to the fenced yard, or a professionally installed invisible fence.

Structured Fence Policy – Fencing may be of any type so long as it is at least 4′ high and secure at ground level with a lockable gate.  The fenced in area must be directly accessible from the home and large enough to provide the dog ample space to exercise and eliminate.

Invisible/Underground Fencing:  Invisible fencing may be acceptable, if the home is not located near busy streets or intersections. The invisible fence must be purchased from a local invisible fence company that will provide training for the adopted dog.  Self-installed invisible fences are not acceptable.


What is GRRAND’s policy on adoptive homes with young children?
The great majority of our rescued goldens come from animal shelters and their histories are generally unknown.  GRRAND will not place a dog of unknown history in a home with children under the age of 6.  Exceptions can be made to this policy, but only for experienced pet owners whose children have been raised with a dog or dogs in the home.  These families are asked to sign an additional waiver agreeing that since they are adopting a dog of unknown history with children, they will not hold GRRAND accountable should the dog prove to be untrustworthy with young kids.  Occasionally, GRRAND will take in a golden that has proven to be good with young children in a former owner’s home and when this happens, these dogs are in high demand.  First time pet owners with children under the age of six will be placed on a waiting list for a dog such as this and should be prepared to wait for at least several months.


Can an approved applicant pick their own dog?
Our goal is to work with you to select the perfect dog for your family.  The website description of our dogs represents only a brief synopsis of each Golden.  We welcome your inquiries about specific dogs and will be glad to talk to you about your options.  Some dogs may not be the right fit for your family and lifestyle or may already be meeting a previously approved family.   It’s important that we work together to find a dog that meets your desires as well as a dog that has the characteristics and demeanor to fit perfectly into your home situation.


Do I need to fill out a new application if I have previously adopted or fostered?
To ensure we have the most up-to-date information on file for you and your household, GRRAND requires a new application each time you wish to adopt a dog. 


How do you determine the adoption fees for your dogs?
The average cost to rescue and place a GRRAND dog is over $1000 per dog.  At intake, each dog brought into our program is:

  • examined by our veterinarian
  • brought current on all shots and vaccinations
  • tested and if appropriate, treated for heartworm, intestinal parasites, ear infection or any other identified illness
  • bathed
  • spayed or neutered if not already altered
  • microchipped
  • assessed for temperament

Shelters receive government funds to supplement their adoption fees.   GRRAND is not granted any funding of this nature and relies solely on donations to supplement the adoption fees.  Without these donations it would be impossible to ensure that each dog receives the proper medical and behavioral attention prior to adoption.


How long is the wait for a dog?
It varies.  GRRAND is always processing adoption applications and we do not operate on a first come first serve basis. We spend the time to carefully match our Goldens with their forever homes based on the needs of both the dogs and the adopters.  In addition, we operate with an all-volunteer staff and during peak application periods we may experience delays.


Can I visit your facility to see your adoptable dogs?
GRRAND is a network of volunteers and foster homes scattered throughout Greater Louisville, KY (including adjacent southern Indiana); Greater Lexington, KY; Ohio Counties of Hamilton, Butler, Warren, Clermont, Montgomery, Greene; and Northern KY Counties of Boone, Kenton, and Campbell.  We also have a small facility to house several dogs awaiting their forever home.  We will arrange visitation once a dog is identified as a potential match.


Where do your adoptable dogs come from?
Rescued Goldens come from local shelters or are owner relinquished. We’ve also participated in international rescue efforts.


Are all of your dogs fostered?
We strive to place our dogs in loving foster homes.  This gives GRRAND an opportunity to assess the dog’s physical and behavioral attributes.  We also house a few dogs in our kennel where they are given the attention and training they need.


Why are some dogs on your website for such a long period of time?
It takes time to find the right adoptive match for some rescued dogs.  We also rescue dogs that require medical attention or surgery prior to placing them up for adoption.  In addition, some dogs require specialized, emergency medical care, or are identified as unadoptable due to a terminal illness, incapacitation, or aggressive behavior discovered after the dog has been rescued.  These dogs go into loving foster homes for extended or permanent care.


Why haven’t I been contacted for my home visit?
GRRAND’s adoption process requires that we carefully review your application, contact each of your references, and speak with your veterinarian.  These tasks are completed by an all-volunteer staff who have family and work commitment priorities.  They work tirelessly to gather information to ensure a great match for both you and GRRAND’s rescued dog.  If you have a question about your adoption application go to our Contact page and select the subject, “Follow-Up on My Adoption Application.”


I only want a puppy; do you get puppies?
From time to time we do have rescued puppies available for adoption.  If you are only interested in adopting a puppy, you can submit your application and be placed on a waiting list.  Don’t wait until you see one on the website as it will likely be too late.

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