Adoption Application


Dear Prospective Rescue Family,

We are so happy that you are considering the adoption of one of our Golden Retrievers. GRRAND is an all-volunteer organization. We do not have a paid staff, office, or kennel. Our policies and procedures are based on volunteer resources and a long history of rescuing Goldens.  In light of that, we ask for your patience during the time it takes to process your application and hope you understand that our policies are for the protection of the displaced Goldens.  Prior to submitting an application, please review all of the information below.

GRRAND Policies

Geographic Placement Areas –  GRRAND policies require an in-home visit by a trained GRRAND volunteer prior to adoption and follow-up after placement. We can only serve areas where our volunteers live and are able to provide this type of pre and post-adoption support. While the specific cities that we serve is dependent on our volunteer base, we are currently accepting applications from:

  • Greater Louisville, KY (including adjacent southern Indiana)
  • Greater Lexington, KY
  • Ohio Counties: Hamilton, Butler, Warren, Clermont, Montgomery, and Greene
  • Northern KY Counties: Boone, Kenton, and Campbell

Request for Dog Specific Information – We ask that you complete the adoption application prior to inquiring (by phone or email) about a specific dog on our website.

General Fence Policy:  Without exception, families with children under 16 yrs old must have either a secure above ground fence, attached to the house, allowing access directly from the house to the fenced yard, or a professionally installed invisible fence.

Structured Fence Policy – Fencing may be of any type so long as it is at least 4′ high and secure at ground level with a lockable gate.  The fenced in area must be directly accessible from the home and large enough to provide the dog ample space to exercise and eliminate.

Invisible Fencing:  Invisible fencing may be acceptable, if the home is not located near busy streets or intersections. The invisible fence must be purchased from a local invisible fence company that will provide training for the adopted dog.  Self-installed invisible fences are not acceptable.

Young Child Policy – The great majority of our rescued goldens come from animal shelters and their histories are generally unknown.  GRRAND will not place a dog of unknown history in a home with children under the age of 6.  Exceptions can be made to this policy, but only for experienced pet owners whose children have been raised with a dog or dogs in the home.  These families are asked to sign an additional waiver agreeing that since they are adopting a dog of unknown history with children, they will not hold GRRAND accountable should the dog prove to be untrustworthy with young kids.  Occasionally, GRRAND will take in a golden that has proven to be good with young children in a former owner’s home and when this happens, these dogs are in high demand.  First time pet owners with children under the age of six will be placed on a waiting list for a dog such as this and should be prepared to wait for at least several months.

Turkey Golden Adoption Requirements 
No kids under 6 years of age;
An above-ground fence;
Someone must be in the home with the dog during part of the day; and
Applications will only be accepted from our geographic placement areas.


GRRAND Adoption Process

Adoption Process final.2


Your application will be reviewed as quickly as possible.  Please notify your references that a GRRAND representative will be contacting them in the near future.  Once the application is reviewed, a volunteer will contact you to set up a home visit.  During this 1-hour visit, the GRRAND representative will share information regarding the characteristics of rescued Goldens, confirm that the adoption is in the best interest of all parties, and answer any questions you might have.

The Placement Coordinator will be in touch with you after the home visit to discuss potential dogs matching your needs and family lifestyle.  At that time you will be given the opportunity to meet some of our rescued dogs and hopefully find the perfect match!

You may submit the online application below or print and complete the Adoption Application and mail to GRRAND, P.O. Box 6132, Louisville, KY 40206.  Submission of the application by postal mail will result in a 2-3 week contact delay.

Privacy Statement:  It is GRRAND’s policy to maintain confidentiality over your information. We will not sell, rent, or give your information to any other company or organization.

Current Adoption Fees

Dogs 3 years of age and younger – $375
Pure Bred Goldens/Golden Doodles < 4 yrs – $500
Dogs 4-6 years of age – $325
Dogs 4-6 years of age – $325
Dogs 7-9 years of age – $250
Dogs 10+ years of age – $100

Pairs age 3 and under – $500
Pairs age 4-6 – $400
Pairs age 7-9 – $300
Pairs age 10 and over – Free
Turkey Goldens – $650

Adoption Application

    Contact information

  • Employment

  • Consideration

  • Household

  • Current & Past Pets

  • Enter all requested veterinary clinic information for your current dog or cat. If you don't have a dog/cat currently, enter all of the information for your previous dog/cat. If you have never had a dog/cat, enter NA in the Name of Veterinary Clinic box. We cannot process your application without all of the information concerning your veterinary clinic.
  • References

  • Use the space below to list three references along with area code and phone numbers. Your application cannot be processed until we have made contact with your references. In order to expedite the processing of your application, please provide references who can be easily reached and who have been informed that they will be receiving a call from GRRAND volunteers on your behalf.
  • NOTE: You may NOT use your veterinarian or anyone else living in your residence as a reference. In addition, only one reference may be a relative.
  • Comments

  • Is all required information complete?

  • After you click "Submit My Application", you should see the message, "Your application has been sent". If this message does not appear, please check your application for missing information.