Foster to 37 GRRAND Dogs, Stanley Passes Over the Rainbow Bridge


I would like to let you know that I had to put my 13 year old boy Stanley down 2 weeks ago. I would like to thank GRRAND for the amazing gift I was given by adopting Stanley… You trusted me and I will be forever grateful. He was my very first Golden that I had always wanted since I was a little kid. He was a great and fun big brother and BFF to Sampson for 10 years and Danner for 5 and he was a wonderful and patient foster brother to 37 GRRAND dogs over the years. He then over the last few years took in 2 more GRRAND brothers and a little sister too.  I will never forget meeting him, and leaving him, and going back to get him early the very next morning… He hopped right in my car and it was just me and him starting our new lives TOGETHER. He had the deepest bark and the most happy personality ever… the tail like a whip, the wiggly body and good grief… he ALWAYS had to have SOMETHING in his mouth. It did not matter what it was, (his favorite was a stuffed animal) but he was happy to have it and didn’t chew it. I found my phone, my keys and the “other shoe” numerous times in the yard after looking furiously through the house. He LOVED to swim, and run and smell the wonderful world he lived in. Stanley was truly the most wonderful gift I could have ever been given. He had been my constant companion for the last 13 years and it is so hard to imagine my life without him.

I find the most comfort knowing he has been reunited with Sampson and Finny and know they are running and playing like they used to.

Stanley, I will miss you everyday and could not even have thought that I could love and adore you one bit more than I did. My heart was not ready to say Goodbye…

Shannon B.