Camper Celebrates Her 1-Year Adoption Anniversary!


Today (August 4, 2019) marks the “Gotcha Day” for Camper (formerly known as June). This sweetheart came into our lives one year ago today thanks to your wonderful organization. We can’t begin to thank you for this wonderful gift. She is the best girl. She loves everyone! Her worst fault is being too enthusiastic when new folks come in the door but she’s making progress. She is still very protective of Mary Ellen and is quick to alert her to the presence of dogs walking in front of the house, squirrels scurrying along the fence line, garbage cans on the curb and when the front porch fern is blowing in the wind. She and our 14 year old cat, Annie, are now buddies and she still has Mable, our daughter’s dog, as her best friend.

We just wanted to give a special anniversary update on Camper June (yes, we kept her GRRAND name). We have included a pic of Camper. Thank you all so very much for all y’all do.

Scott and Mary Ellen Robertson