Charlie Loves His New Home!


My name used to be Huck when I was at GRRAND, now my name is Charlie and it really suits me. I’m quite the curious and entertaining lab.  I am wicked smart and very agile.  I was very unsure of myself in the beginning, since I had never lived in an actual home before, but trust me I have quickly learned how to be the boss.  I am very much a people dog, I’m always snuggling around mom’s face or sleeping on someone’s feet.

I love my toys, especially the squeaky ones, but my favorite is my crate bed which I drag out constantly and shake it around.  I love my walks and instruct my mom how far we will go but I don’t like being outside alone.  Yes, I get into trouble, but my adorable face allows me to get away with a lot.

All that being said, I want to thank GRRAND for giving me a loving home.  I am spending this holiday with two “brothers” who play with me and teach me tricks; and a mom and dad who adore me.  I live in a warm comfortable home away from the cold and rain.

I’ve included a few pictures of me enjoying my new home.

Charlie Kroger